How to tell if diablo 3 is using dedicated gpu?

Hi all. I recently bought a laptop with a radeon 6650 as well as the 6520g integrated chip. How will I know for sure that Diablo 3 is using the dedicated card over the integrated when running? The reason I ask is because when d3 booted up, it asked if I wanted to update drivers for the card it detected (which was the integrated one).
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  1. It might be using both HD 6650 and HD 6520G.

    Right mouse click on a blank spot on the desktop and choose Configure AMD PowerXpress.
  2. All that shows when I do that is 'graphics properties' and 'configure switchable graphics' I can assign diablo 3 under 'high performance', but I really can't do anything else. Am I to assume that it's ok? I'm playing diablo 3 on high texture and low shadow/low physics/low clutter and it seems a bit stuttery at times.
  3. Which APU do you have?

    How is performance on Low Textures/Low shadows?
  4. a6-3420 with a radeon 6520g
  5. So it doesn't show your Current Active Graphics Processing Unit like the picture shows?
  6. You can test D3 with just the 6520G, with just the HD 6650 and then with both to get an idea how things are working.

    Also check in the D3 game forums about what settings to use to get best all-round game performance with notebooks like yours.
  7. WR2 said:
    So it doesn't show your Current Active Graphics Processing Unit like the picture shows?

    No, it doesn't. It gives me the option to enable crossfire in one of the menus, but nothing like what you showed.
  8. It is called 'AMD vision engine control center' where I can enable/disable crossfire, no idea where the 'catalyst control center' is located.
  9. You can't find Power Express by clicking on the desktop?
  10. What are the view options?
  11. And you can try Graphics Properties as well.
  12. icons, sizes, etc.
  13. under grahpics properties, theres a 'switchable graphics' page. that's where I labeled diablo 3 under high performance.

    'Choose whether to run applications on the high performance or power saving graphics processor.
  14. but then for i.e. i have power saving, so what happens when i minimize diablo 3 into explorer? it really switches what gpu is used that quickly?
  15. appreciate the help, wr2. i turned off crossfire and the game seems to be running fine on high texture/high shadow. i guess i should assume the 6650 is kicking in else the 6520 probably couldnt handle that.
  16. If you're getting high texture/high shadow, yeah that's about right for the dedicated GPU.

    I've heard that sometimes the Hybrid Crossfire won't perform as well as the dedicated GPU alone.
  17. ok. i just wish it was easier to see what was being used!
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