Defect Display while playing Game

While Playing the game "Age of Empires" my display got destroyed. This happened twice at the same place in the game with 2 different displays.
How can this happen?
The graphics card is still working but, how can I check if there are some parts malfunctioning?
Asus A7V266-E with AmD Athlon XP1700+
NVidia GForce MX400
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  1. Umm.. are you saying your display or monitor was ruined and won't function anymore? Or was it graphical corruption on the screen while playing? (and monitor still good)

    Barton 2500+
    Abit NF7-S v 2.0
    Maxtor 60GB ATA 133 7200RPM
    512MB Corsair Twinx 3200LL
    9600 Pro
    Enermax Noisetaker 420 watts
  2. No, The display(s) didn't work anymore. Completely damaged.
    Have someone an idee how I can test my graphics adaptor.
    Nvidia Geforce 2 MX 400
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