Asus Transformer Prime Wifi problems?


I have a question about the wifi performance on my Asus transformer Prime.

Now, I am aware that Asus and the general community has said that the Prime suffers from some wifi and GPS problems, but I think mine might be beyond the "usual issues".

I have an Amped Wireless R10000G router, which should be more than capable of covering my 2200 (two story) house, and it provides coverage for all my devices......except the Prime. At a range of only about 20 and 1 wall, my Prime gets a relatively weak connection (if even connected), having about -70dbm signal, and only a 1 Mbps to occasionally 5 Mbps link speed. At this connection, my Prime has a hard time even loading a web page. then, at the roughly the same distance (maybe 25 to 30 feet) but on my second floor (the router is on the first), my prime WON'T connect or will connect occasionally on 1 bar and not allow me to surf the web. Same thing holds true for my basement (20 to 25 feet away from router).

Now, back to the question.

Is this the type of range that is "expected" from a transformer Prime? Or could my Prime be one of the batch that suffered from abnormally bad wifi connection?

Oh, and if this information is needed at all, I bought my Prime from Fry's Electronic on 3/28/12.

If you could please leave a reply, that would be great as I'm still waiting (2 weeks and counting) for a response back from Asus.

Thank you very much!

-- Yogman
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  1. There is a (very) long thread at about this issue. In four words - YMMV (your milleage may vary).

    On a side note: I own TF201, and I can see some of the issues. I am losing WiFi at places where other devices are working fine. But reading through the thread I was convinced RMAing will not help.
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