Is 150 W, or 200W or 300W car inverter should i choose?

I'm currently looking for a car inverter to charge my laptop while i travel long distance. However, I search through all the website such as ebay and so on, there are many types of inverter, so now I begins to confuse which is the best inverter to support my laptop: My laptop is HP Pavilion dv6, the charger output is 100-240 V-2 A 50-60Hz. So could you advise me whether should buy 150W or 200W or 300W car inverter please.
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  1. The HP Pavilion dv6 has a 90W power supply so I will suggest the 200W inverter since inverters run quite hot at maximum power. Keeping it under 50% draw will keep it cooler.
    One piece of advice here, have a hard surface for the laptop to set upon - sitting it on the seat next to you may block the intakes causing it to overheat.
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