I5-430m overheating

hi guys,

I have an acer aspire 5741g with i5-430m cpu and nvidia gt320m graphics card.

Recently I have noticed that the laptop is getting hot and I have experienced couple of shut downs because of over heating.

I disassembled the laptop and renewed the thermal paste with antec formula 6, reinstalled windows from factory image (just in case there is something wrong with the drivers).

The problem is it is still overheating. The cpu and gpu use the same heatsink and the fan is working without a problem. After changing the thermal paste and using it with a cooling pad normal working temperatures are beetween 60-70 degrees but when I run programs such as photo shop and dreamweaver or even if I make a skype call for more than 10 minutes the temperatures go up to 98-100 degrees. Please help me solve this problem.

Thanks in advance
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  1. come on guys! you are the experts please help me
  2. Are any of the fans damaged or not working? The fan by my laptop's cooler quit working recently and I had the same problems, more or less, that you have. If you are skilled enough to take it apart, then I take it you know how to properly reseat the cooler (that was the first question I usually ask).
  3. It sounds like your heatpipe isn't mounted correctly - are you sure it was nice and tight when you put it back together?
  4. Also putting on too much thermal paste will actually hinder heat transfer from the CPU/GPU to the heat pipe, insulating it.

    The thermal paste should only be very thin - almost see through on your CPU/GPU.
  5. thank you for you replies.

    the fan i working properly and no damage to any of the blades

    I am sure that the heatsink is tight as I tightened the screws till the end, nothing loose at all.

    the thermal paste I used was a little amount, necessary enough just to cover the cpu with a thin layer.

    Any other ideas?
  6. I am desperate here guys please someone help me
  7. Hmm. Not much else I can think of. Hopefully someone else has an idea.

    The only thing I can really say is - possibly take it apart again - clean off the old paste and put some new ones on. This time maybe be extra careful when putting the heat sink back on and make sure it has good contact with both CPU and GPU.

    Another thing you could try is downclocking your video card - although it being somewhat weak to begin with I don't know if you want to do that.

    Maybe try looking for an updated video BIOS for your graphics card? Sometimes that seems to help. However be very careful in doing so - you could possibly bork your card if done incorrectly, also I only recommend doing this as a very last resort.

    By the way - are those temperatures for both CPU and GPU?
  8. thank you for your reply. I will take it apart again and re do the paste. no these temperatures are only for cpu.

    gpu is around 60-70 during normal usage(no games just web browser and other similar processes).

    If the paste does not solve the problem should it mean that there is a physical problem with the cpu (damaged transistors because of previous overheat)? if so is there a way to determine it?

    Thanks again
  9. still the same guys.. any other ideas?
  10. You may just have to send it in to the manufacturer. Since the CPU and GPU use the same heatsink, it may be a fault with the GPU. The temperature you specified for the GPU, while not abnormally high, could be contributing to your CPU overheating problem
  11. You can try to un park your cpu cores it will somtimes lower heat because all cores are in use instead of just one .. When you use just one it will ramp up an get really hot.
  12. @kyraiki
    thanks for the idea. I will contact the manufacturer to see what they will do.

    Thank you for informing me about the cpu parking. I tried to un park the cpu but this caused an overall 10 degrees increase in the cpu temperatures.

    I guess it is a physical problem with the cpu.
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