Is this a good Blu-Ray laptop?

Looking to buy a laptop that will support playback of video files, mostly in SD quality, but some 720p/1080p content, and also would like a Blu-Ray drive to play my Blu-Ray discs. I'm looking for a laptop that will be a good choice for me as I'll ONLY be using it to watch movies/tv shows, and use Microsoft Office. I won't be using it for anything else, no heavy gaming, or anything like that. The most gaming I'll be doing is a couple indie games, and SNES/N64 Emulators, so I don't really need anything amazing for those. Anyway, is this a good deal for basically a media center laptop with a Blu-Ray drive. Has there been/is there a cheaper laptop that also has a Blu-Ray drive?

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  1. It should be able to play videos just fine. However, keep in mind that the screen is not full HD, so Blu-Rays will be downscaled. Laptops with 1080p screens are quite a bit more expensive.
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