I cant delete trojan: JS/fakespyro and svchost.exe

my antispyware software called microsoft security essentials keeps finding this fakespyro and deleting it though it cant find the source of it so the trojan keeps returning. it is supposedly a severe threat and it will not go away. i keep finding it in my user files and i do not want it to hack my computer.

Also i check cpu usage on my computer and find svchost.exe programs have a very high cpu usage on my computer and i do not know where or how to delete them, the specifics names of these are svcchost.exe(netscvs) and svchost(DcomLaunch)

please help me delete these viruses i have tried deleting them on my own but i do not trust buying an antispyware system that may not even delete these
thank you very much
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  1. Ok...first off...the svchost files are services/programs essential to running Windows. If you want a better look at what is going on in there, download Process Explorer from Sysinternals (owned by Microsoft now). You do not want to delete or end these (ask McAfee...their antivirus did and screwed up a lot of computers).

    In regards to the actual virus...have you tried scanning in safe mode (reboot and jam on the F8 key until you get the options to boot into Safe Mode)? Also, have you tried other scanners? I would recommend SuperAntiSpyware and MalwareBytes.

    Also, have you check the startup items (start, run, msconfig), or use ccleaner, another fine program, to check the startup items. Make sure that it isn't running in there (google those items and see if they are necessary).

    Those are just beginning steps to help remove it. If that doesn't work, sometimes you need to remove it manually.
  2. i downloaded super anti spyware the svc is still their i am not sure about the fakespyro i will try safemode now and scan
  3. I always start with scans and those additional programs in Safe Mode. Manual installs are no fun, so I leave those to my second to last option (last being a rebuild).
  4. These are free and generally work quite well.

    Try Malwarebytes. Use the full scan option.


    Try Spybot Search and Destroy. Note: I do not activate the Tea Timer and Resident Shield when installing as I find these intrusive. Just do not check the boxes on install.


    Try Windows Defender

    Start--> Control Panel--> Windows Defender--> Scan--> Full Scan.

    As hurn said it is better to do all this in safe mode. F8 at boot time will get you there usually.
  5. Quote:
    It laughed at Malwarebytes and re-mapped the keys on my keyboard so I couldn't even type to search the net.

    Ouch !
  6. That's terrible. I've not heard of one remapping the keys...that's just mean.
  7. Even thought that really sucks, that's one clever virus. If it wasn't a virus, and was something you could control (and reverse), it would be a pretty funny joke to play on someone...
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