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Gaming laptop heating concens

Hello all,
This would be the first laptop I have owned and I am pretty concerned about the laptop heat temperatures and the longevitity of the laptop.

So recently I bought a MSI GE60 laptop and temperatures normally reach 80C when under gaming load in addition to turning on the MSI turbo fan option(revs up fan speeds to 100%). If I constantly game at this temperature with this fan speed, will the laptop like fry quickly (gaming for 6+ hours almost every day). I am hoping the laptop last me at least 2 years.

Thank you for replying to me.

EDIT: Thank you all for helping. =]
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  1. thats 100% completely normal
  2. So it would be fine gaming for long periods at those settings / temperatures? =]
  3. yes those cpus are good till 105 i believe. either way my laptop will run at 95*c for 24+ hours sometimes when i need it too.
  4. gaming laptop=oxymoron
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    ram1009 said:
    gaming laptop=oxymoron

    cool go tell someone who cares. that is not relevant to this so go waste your time else where.
  6. You could use a laptop cooler if you're really concerned. Make sure that its fan configuration is compatible with the laptop. You don't want it to suck air away from the laptop's intake vents and inhale air from the laptop's exhaust vents.

    If it doesn't lower the temperature as much as you'd like, you could also remove the bottom panel of the laptop.
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