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I have a new dell l502x with i7 and 540m with 6 gb of ram and 1080p display but I have gotten lag on many games such as mw2 cod4 and kerbal space program but it only works properly when I am using my power cable is there any way i can fix this and it is not normal lag it goes from 60 - 70 fps down to 6 - 20. anyone got any solutions. I have tried disabling step speed, battery power settings and nvidia control panel updating all grphics software and nothing has worked!
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  1. Your laptop will automatically limit the power consumption of key components such as the CPU and GPU in order to avoid damaging the battery. Lithium batteries cannot sustain high output currents for very long (they can only sustain a short burst). If too much current is drawn from the battery it can be physically damaged to the point where it may become unusable and may catch fire.

    This means that gaming on battery is usually quite limited
  2. is there any solution
  3. no there is not. Running the laptop at full speed while on battery will drain the battery within moments
  4. ok well thanks is there any way i might be able to stabalize the fps a bit more so its not up and down
  5. You can try putting a 30-40 FPS cap on it, that might help but not likely
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