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Hi There

I have purchased two 8400 late Dec 04. I like the performance of 8400
but, I hate the noisy case/CPU fans so much that I want to replace
them with something quieter. There are many possibilities out there
for replacments but, the problem is non of the 3rd party quiet fans
comes with a connector compatile with Dell's MB. The Dell comes with
5-pin molex connector (actually only 4 pins are used and the 5th is
n/c). The Dell fan comes wth 4-wires (Blk, Red, Wht, Blu). Most 3rd
party fans come with 3 wires. My question is has any one out there
replaced the Dell fan? if so how do you deal with the 4th wire? any
one knows what the 4 wires do (becide power, ground, rpm sense? and
which wire is which). Thanks

Neil :?: :
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  1. Archived from groups: alt.sys.pc-clone.dell (More info?)

    I bought my 8400 in December too and also sufferd with the vaccume cleaner
    from hell fan noise, but no more! First I had the CPU fan replaced which was
    no help. I kept after Dell and they finaly agreed to replace the CPU, CPU
    heat sink and the CPU fan again. The fan never makes noise anymore!

    Good luck
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