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Got a question about partition Magic.I partitioned my 80 gig drive in XP with PM. I had made a 50 gig,25 gig and 2gig. I wanted to merge the 2 gig with on of the other partitions but it would not. I then deleted the 2 gig thinking it might be absorbed. This is the way PM list my partitions.

C: NTFS 51,152.2 active, primary
* Extended 25,007.4 status none, primary
F Data NTFS 25,007.4 status none Logical
* Unallocated 2,000.3 none Primary

Is this right and if it is how can I merge the 2 gig. Tahnks For the help. Bruce

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  1. You are loosing 2gigs of your HD. Instead of having an 80 gig HD you now have effectively an 78 gig HD.

    You should be able to merge the extra 2gig with the other primary partition C:. Make sure you defrag the C: drive before trying.

    But there something strange with your drive letters: with two partitions you should get a C: drive and a D: drive, no F:.

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  2. Might be because his CD-R in D:, since he partition with PM after the CD-R took D:. If he gave the CD-R another letter, then he could take D:.

    As for merging or what ever you have to do to get the Unallocated space moved it doesn’t take effect until you click apply. Other words make sure it looks the way you want before you apply, because you can keep fooling with it until you get it right. I say fooling, because that’s what I end up doing, until I get it right, leaving me forgetting what I had to do.

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  3. I partitioned the drive after the fact. I already had a DVDrom, CD Burner labeled D, E. I also Have a zip drive H. I will try to merge them again. Thanks Bruce

    Is it true that cannibals don't eat clowns because they taste funny?
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