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I'm planning on switching my 30 gig hard drive to a 120. The thing is I have installed Windows XP Pro and registered it on line with Microsoft. With switching the hard drives I would have to install XP again. The question is if I do more upgrades with the new XP would I have any problems with my new installed hard drive? Any help is appreciated.


Thanks and mahalo,
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  1. What do you mean by problems? Are you asking about registration issues? XP will allow you to make a few hardware changes before it requires you to make a phone call. Even then, it's just a simple matter of calling the provided number, giving them a code generated by the reg program, and telling them that you're swapping hardware.
  2. Ditto! Its painless Scotty.

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  3. you could just use tweak-xp from totalidea to back up your activation, and then use a program like norton ghost to copy all of yoru information over the the 120 gig so theres no reinstall. THen just use tweak-xp to replace your activation. I think it works like that i have never personally done it.

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