IBM/Lenovo Thinkpad T60 Speaker Clicking Noise

My Thinkpad T60 makes a steady fast clicking noise from the speaker. If you plug in external speakers you also get the clicking noise there. I swapped the internal speakers and this did not fix the problem. I also booted into the BIOS/SETUP and the clicking can still be heard which eliminates the O/S as a culprit? Does anyone have an idea on this? the only way I can get rid of the noise is pull the speaker cable out from the motherboard but external speakers still click,
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  1. Sounds like a hardware fault. Could be a capacitor is going bad.
  2. I assume you are implying it could be a bad motherboard?
    Thanks for your thoughts
  3. Yeah, the best thing to do is to bring it to a laptop repair shop and have them test the motherboard. Specifically the components related to the audio.

    You can try to install new audio drivers, but since the problem exists even when you enter the BIOS it is unlikely a driver issue.
  4. There is no sound at all now. I just took the hard disk out and put it into another T60 and its back up and running.
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