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My question is. Is there any web sites out there to help a person like myself put together a gaming beast? I think I have desided on a asus kt400 board,TI4600,XP2700+ when it comes out in OCT. I need to know if I am on the right track or not. Thanks for your time. Be gentle it is my first do it yourself
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  1. Alienware and Falcon Northwest are two you should take a look at. They offer customizable paint jobs and such. Although you can put together a better system by yourself and save big $$$ too.

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  2. You might find this interesting...,3973,7062,00.asp

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  3. make urls <A HREF=",3973,7062,00.asp" target="_new"> clickable </A> please

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  4. So, you people are telling him to BUY his system?

    As opposed to building it?

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  5. nope but I'm tired of telling people to avoid certain companies .. as was already stated a better \ cheaper system can be home built if the writer has a clue ( or not) he\she will get the idea also a simple search on the boards will reveal the difficulties etc with alienware and other companies being considered

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  6. This forum in itself will tell you how to build your own. If you go with either Voodoo, Falcon, or Alienware, you will pay a huge premium price and/or be dealing with a troubled company. Of all three, Falcon has the best reputation but I don't know how good their PC's are. I'd avoid that route at almost all costs.

    Build your own, have fun doing it, and learn a lot about PC's at the same time. It's not that bad at all.

    Start by reading the HOW TO articles on this website, and then play around with your current PC. If you feel comfortable inside your case, feel free to build your own rig with no worries.

    As far as buying the right components, keep reading and posting here.

    There are other forums as well of course so depending on how much time you have read up at a couple places.

    Finally, buy your components from a reputable dealer. This is important. No matter who you go with, check out <A HREF="" target="_new"></A> first. I prefer <A HREF="" target="_new">]</A>. Try to buy from as few dealers as possible to avoid a hastle if you have to exchange or return something.

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  7. Thank you for the reply to my post. But I guess I worded wrong. I am trying to build it myself and looking for a web site that will help I have my MB pick out and Procerrors and VC but i need helpl with ram hard drive. I am try to put togehter the gaming beast My budget is about 2500. dollars I just need a site to help get all the pieace together. Thanks for your time.
  8. I am looking for a web site to help me build the ultimate gaming Machine. My budget is $2,500 for the tower. It would be greatly appreciated if you could inform me on any sites that would enable me to source the appropriate parts.
    Thanking you and awaiting your reply,
    regards Jonas Umberger
  9. DUDE !!! you could build almost 2 ultimate gaming rigs with that budget !!! in USD ??? sheesh !! go to get a fast assed processor ( I'm a little partial to Intel with Rdram at the moment but AMD is also a great choice) load it up with a good abit or asus motherboard, a radeon 9700 pro or gf4ti4600 vid card a turtle beach santa cruz or a game theater sound card, at least 512 if not 1 GB of ram .. a nice 80 GB western digital HDD with a 8 mb cache ( or 2 of em for a fast-assed raid 0 array) an enermax 400 watt PSU or similar ( do not go cheap here) a good dvd rom drive and a lite-on cdr\rw drive ( under 75 bux for the 48x now !!) a nice chieftec or antec case or similar a few fans and a copy of XP pro and you be ready to rock em ( oh yeah, a nic if the mobo dosent have one on board)... you can give me the grand you will have left over :smile:

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  10. Your budget is massive. You will basically be able to buy anything you want. Don't forget to buy an awesome monitor since that's the longest lasting component and you'll be staring at it for years.

    Here is what I would start with:

    Probably what you want
    <A HREF="" target="_new"></A>

    Some info on components for high end machines
    <A HREF="" target="_new"></A>

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  11. Ditto the last two people's posts.

    $2,500 isn't all that much in Mexican Peso. But for British Pounds, or American Dollars, it's a hell of a lot for a "gaming system".

    If you said something like $1000, then you'd have a lot more choices to consider. At the very least, if you are dead set on a $2500 system, get yourself a 23" monitor for about $950 dollars. It will kick serious ass for years to come, you will love the contrast and resolution, and it will pair up with the next 3 video cards of your choice.

    Now that you're down to $1500, setup a two drive Raid0. Use Western Digital drives.

    Get a single stick of 512meg DDR what-the-hell-evar-speed-you-want. PC3500 or PC3700 is about the fastest out right now.

    <A HREF="" target="_new"></A> has some good buys on parts. Not all parts are a good buy, but they have a good selection, very excellent security (you can choose to delete your credit card number from their system), and excellent service. You pay a few dollars more than the bottom line, but you pay for the "fringe benefits" that are worth paying for.

    <A HREF="" target="_new"></A> is another absolute necessity. <A HREF="" target="_new"></A> will help you with hard disks. <A HREF="" target="_new"></A> will help you with burners and readers.

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  12. You could do some research on the ArsTechnica website. He has some very useful information for system building. Toms Hardware gives you the current scoop on the latest products. If you are building an AMD system, I would recommend the ASUS A7N8X Deluxe Mobo. Especially if you are planning on LAN Parties/Games.
  13. Alienware has a good reputation as well, plus high quality systems that can be custom made. I however believe that building your own system is the best way to go. If you know what you are doing.
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