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Hey everyone,

Last night I let my laptop stay on as I was transferring files overnight from my home FTP server. When I woke up, I turned the display back on to check the progress. For some reason it took the computer a few minutes to become responsive. The desktop showed immediately and I had control of the mouse, but thats it. I just waited and it came back. The downloading had indeed been going all night as there was significant progress made.

I didn't put my computer to sleep, but it is set to go to sleep automatically in 15 minutes without activity. Somehow the downloading still worked throughout the night, but the computer is apparently going into some kind of semi-sleep mode...? Why does it take so long to resume activity when I come back?

This has happened consistently before, but this time was longer I'm assuming due to the massive amount of data downloaded overnight. The laptop is a new G73JH and works perfectly (these have beefy hardware), so I don't think it is an issue of hardware lacking in any way.
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  1. I have an update! I realized its actually NOT sleep mode that I'm having this issue with. If I manually put my computer in sleep mode, everything shuts down as it should and when I resume, it powers up very quickly (hardly any delay at all).

    The issue comes from when I just leave my computer running idle for a while. I have to do this right now because I am transferring massive amounts of files off of my old computer via FTP (days and days of transferring).

    So, ya, today I left it idle for a few hours, the display shuts off, and I configured my hard drives to not shut down, although I don't think they would with my downloading active anyways. Once again, when I returned and moved my mouse, my monitor turned on instantly and I had immediate control of the mouse, but I cannot actually click on anything or bring up my taskbar / start menu for a matter of minutes. In this particular instance, I counted almost exactly 120 seconds.

    During this 'locked' period, it sounds like my fans are speeding up, then they immediately slow down when I have control once again.

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