Lenovo G530 4446 Touchpad problem

I have an odd problem with my Lenovo G530. I installed Windows 7 x64, installed all drivers and windows updates. Also updated the bios as well.

The problem i'm having is when I start the laptop and Windows loads I cannot click anything on the start menu bar. I have to first hit the windows button on the keyboard. Once i do that there are no other problems. I can click it with the mouse like normal. I used both the touchpad and a regular usb mouse with the same results.

The other problem I'm having is that I cannot drag and drop anything. I have a feeling these problems are some how related. I do have the drag and drop enabled in the properties.

I have run checks on the Hard drive with no errors. Also removed the memory and tested with just the 1gb stick and then the 2gb stick alone with the same problem.

When installing Windows 7 I did a complete reformat. I reinstalled windows twice and have encountered the problem with both installs. I even downloaded a pirated version of windows 32 bit and had the same problem.

I do not see any stuck keys and have cleaned everything with an air compressor just to be safe.

One more thing. The laptop did not want to reinstall at all. Every time i tried installing win 7 or vista it would constantly restart. I have to repeatedly hit enter as soon as it is done loading the files in order to somehow get around it rebooting. This was happening before and after reflashing the bios to the newer version.

Any help would be appreciated.
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  1. Any help at all would be appreciated. I don't know where to look or start.
  2. I figured out the problem on my own. Turns out a key was somehow stuck. It was not physically stuck and I'm not completely sure which key it was "probably escape key". I replaced the keyboard for $12.00 off ebay and that has fixed the problem.
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