time to upgrade my mx440

I currently own a GF4 MX440 with 128mb of ram
and my system is as follows
Gigabyte GA-7VAXP
Athlon XP 2000
512 DDRpc2100
wd 120gig 7200rpm
Iv decided to upgrade my mx440. iv been looking at the Sapphire 9800xt would this be a good upgrade or should i wait for the new cards, also how much difference would a new card make. I use my pc for gaming so i need some power for games like HL2.
id appreciate some advise.
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  1. First Don't Upgrade hoping something will play well on future games. Wait 'til the game is released, then upgrade (even an R9800XT will be cheaper then should you decide to stick with your first choice).

    Second, the XT is likely not a good choice for your money as the R9800Pro is likely much cheaper and very close in performance.

    Wait for the new cards; expect them to be at least 50% faster than the current ones in most applications (I figure it's like comparing and R9600XT to an R9800XT).

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  2. What GGA said.
  3. Quote:
    (I figure it's like comparing and R9600XT to an R9800XT).

    Oh man, when you put it like that. SWEEEET!

    And I second either a R9800Pro now or waiting til May.

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  4. thanks for the advise
    think i will wait until may
    iv saved long and hard for this upgrade and so i want the best i can get.
    thanks again
  5. Yes wait till the new cards are out.
    Either get a new one or get one of the ones that are out now for much cheaper.

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