Problem with "Bink Video" games on Win98

I have a P4 2.4c,512 MB DDR RAM,GeForce FX 5200 128MB,80 GB 7200 HD and I dual boot with Win 98 SE and Win XP Prof.
I've recently formatted my HD and freshly installed 98 and XP.My problem is that the videos in games that use "Bink Video",like Prince of Pesia Sands of Time,are jerky and wont play smoothly.This problem is only with win 98.I dont face this problem on XP.Also,before formatting,I didnt face this problem with 98 either.I have installed the 53.04 forceware on win 98 and the 53.03 on XP and have DirectX 9b on both OSes.The videos in Games that dont use Bink(like Warcraft III) run fine..its only with bink..on win 98.
Is there anything I can do to get the video play smoothly without any jerks ?

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  1. BTW,I forgot to mention this - the levels in *all* games take longer to load in Win 98...than in XP.For example, paricular level in Prince of Persia takes just 5 secs to load in WinXP..but the same level takes 25-30 secs to load on win 98..Its the same with other games like NFS Underground,NOLF 2.
    I've defragmented all the drives and terminate unnecessary apps and free-up RAM with RAMBooster before starting a game (as I alwas do)..but still I'm facing this problem..
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