How to connect to free wi-fi with my mobile phone

Going on extended holiday in somerset and need to keep connected to internet on my laptop due to my husbands ill health. what is the easiest way to do this please? At the moment I use a PAYG mobile that will connect to the internet (not that I have ever used that facility) I want to be able to use my laptop in our caravan. Any help wouldbe welcome. Thanks.

Anne R.
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  1. Hello Anneer;

    Using your phone as a modem to the internet is called Tethering.

    First thing you need to do is check your mobile service contract and see if that is allowed.
    Next, check if your device can do Tethering. On some phones you'd need to 'root' your phone to be able to do that.

    And check with your mobile service provider on how much the data fee might be.
    In some cases the cost of the extra data needed might mean need to choose a different service plan.

    Here is a generic Tethering Guide - your phone may work differently.

    How to Tether Cell Phone Internet to a Laptop
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