Hp dv6 7040TX OR HP ENVY 15 3017TX

Please do help me to make decision which will be more potential among this two...regards
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  1. It seems to be pretty much a toss-up, dv6 7040TX has an Ivy Bridge processor and the newest of NVidia's graphics cards series with the 630M. The fact that it comes with 2 GB less ram really shouldn't be a performance factor.
    The other, ENVY 15 3017 has a Sandy Bridge Processor, and the newest AMD graphics card series with the 7690M. The Envy does have the larger HDD and 2GB more ram.

    Asthetics and price also considered, I would personally choose the DV-6.
  2. Thank you for your valuable comment... envy 15 comes with more software and price is almost similar .. outlook of envy is better. and sound system is 2 step ahead.
    DV6 has newer processor with 2GB Graphics... Memory speed is more but 2GB less than envy....I am really confused
  3. And now for just a bit more confusion (and you thought you were here for clarification), the ENVY has the better of the two graphics cards (as far as futuremark is concerned), the 7690M scoring 1200 and the 630M scoring 950 in 3D Mark Graphics scores. Found here
    The speed and amount of ram (as long as you have 4GB or more) isn't going to be noticable in everyday usage, gaming included. I don't think I've ever used more than 4 GB of the 16GB I have in my gaming rig (which is constantly multi-tasking). There is no real perceptable difference in ram speed that I've noted.
    I don't think there is enough of a performance difference between the two processors that it should be a concern. The Ivy Bridge processors are designed to run cooler if not overclocked but that is about the extent of it.
    As I said, it is a toss up...
  4. Thank you very much. Basically I bought Envy couple of days ago from a HP shop of India. But it has some hanging problem ( HDD pin slipping problem ) and diagnostic tools confirmed me that HDD not found..

    I complained to them and after scrutinizing by service team , they found the problem and they agreed to replace it . But the problem is the shop donot have envy right now .. as it is i think out of market in india though web site showing the availabilities and so they offer me DV 6 instead of it.

    I am very confused about the different feature of both . Envy has beautiful look along with good battery backup(8 cell), good internal sound system n newer generation of Graphics , DV 6 has newer generation of processor , less memory , 6 cell battery , more port option , with 2GB graphics..

    You make me confused more... I am very novice in technological side.. Please do suggest .. Do I call for Envy or DV 6 ?

    Thank you very much again..Regards
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    I think the ENVY is actually the better performer of the two and if it is possible to replace it, you should insist on that option. If they cannot get another, and they are willing to refund the price difference, I don't think you'll be disappointed with the performance of the dv6. I think you may be able to use the lessor ram and smaller hard drive as points of contention (although in real world application, only the 250GB storage loss would matter).
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