Trinity A10-4600M on sale

Or maybe pre-order, @ Frys:
HP dv7-7010us 17" Notebook $750 and a $50 rebate
AMD A10-4600M APU, 6GB RAM, 750GB Hard Drive 17.3" 1600x900 LCD w/ Radeon HD 7660G graphics.
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  1. Ohh nice.

    The name A10 for Trinity reminds me of the A10 may be "slow" (CPU) but it can kick serious butt (GPU).

    Doesn't trinity use the new piledriver core for the APU?
  2. Have you seen the latest A10 flight sim?

    DCS: A-10C Warthog
  3. Here is the HP website spec sheet for the HP Pavilion dv7-7010us

    It's not yet listed on the HP website.
    It shows up at BestBuy... but as a Sold Out listing ATM.
  4. How does this laptop compare to the 2 i shown you in my thread WR2? Better performance from this?
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    Sweet. Didn't know they made that. The A10 has always been one of my favourite war planes. Its ability to withstand a lot of punishment seems to be legendary.

    If I were to buy a laptop - I think I would go with one with the A10 in it.
  6. @ SaMiNiT;

    How much are you paying for those other two?

    Performance wise, it's looking mixed right now. I'm thinking that might be due to early drivers.
    AMD Radeon HD 7660G review
  7. Chainzsaw said:

    If I were to buy a laptop - I think I would go with one with the A10 in it.

    Only if it comes with a titanium bathtub.
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  9. Still being shown as 'pre-order' @ Fry's.
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