Asus G55VW VS. MSI GE70-0ND

Asus G55VW

Msi GE70-0ND

Both have the EXACT same specs, however the msi one is roughly $50 cheaper, has a 17 inch screen, and is much lighter. The differences between these two should be the cooling system. What do you guys think, is the $50 difference worth it for the better cooling system? Which exact one has the best build quality, and won't break down?

Are there any differences between the H77M and H76M chipsets?
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  1. I like the new avatar.
    I can find no differences or comparisons of the two chipsets, all the specs I found indicate they are near identical (although that makes no sense to me).
    I have to say that of the two laptops you have chosen there, the Asus does appear to have an advantage in heat dissipation, even looks agressive with all those vents. Is it worth it? That's something you'll need to decide - are you planning on gaming for hours on end on it? Then yeah, it'll be worth it IMO. If it's going to be more for casual usage (and minimal gaming) then, probably not.
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