Sager or MSI?

Hey guys, thinking about getting a laptop in some (I hope) near future. As of now, the best laptop graphics card is GTX 675M (Well, at least there's no laptops with HD 7970/90M on NewEgg, neither there is 680 yet I think; XoticPC & other - too expensive). So, I'll need a warranty, 3 years/more if a chance. On XoticPC, Sager with desired settings is around $1660-70, which includes 3 years warranty. MSI's is around $2000 with warranty. Is it worth of spending extra $300 for MSI or Sager is the best among the two?
Hope to get a nice gaming laptop. I want to be playing BF3 on Ultra, maybe without all those AA/AF, but still. Rendering will be too. Budget - less is better. I could save some money for a 6-core for around $3000, but I don't need it. All I need is above. So, let's say, my budget is below $1800. Don't forget, BF3 on Ultra.
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  1. $400 more expensive than Sager's.
  2. Sager/Clevo is among the best gaming chassis around.
    If the specs/features are the same MSI shouldn't be worth an extra $300.

    Check a few of the other boutique builders to find the best price.
    Many of the boutiques do 'price matching' like XoticPC does.
  3. miha2 said:
    Don't forget, BF3 on Ultra.
    These ARE notebooks. They don't have the same performance as desktops.
    You might need to adjust your settings to get the smooth, fluid frame rates that can power through crowded, explosion filled gaming action.
  4. Seen some videos here on YouTube, one guy did a review of Alienware's laptop with 6990M, not sure if I can post it here, but still... Read the description.
  5. Malibal - about the same, Power Notebooks - same story, but there's some ground shipping coverage, dunno if I need it. If I do, then excuse me, no. As I said, the less it'll cost, the better. But the company should be some of the trustworthy ones, like Sager/MSI/some other. And of course I do understand the laptop is not intended to run BF3 on all settings max, but excuse me, it's an underclocked GTX 560 (Ti) after all, and that can run pretty fine.
  6. How about Alienware? Do they serve good and long? What if I bought it with just 1 year of warranty? Will it serve me for 4+ years? Playing BF3 and rendering...
  7. Alienware is like Apple.. Just overpriced. You're not paying for raw performance.. You're paying for the logo.
  8. So, Sager then? Or what?
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    I'd recommend Sager.
  10. Just now was looking at Alienware on XoticPC, and you're right - the laptop with 7970M costs more than Sager's, and that's without warranty! Will be looking after some other brands. So far, Sager is the best. Any other on XoticPC/other custom laptop builders?
  11. I like Asus. They have the best rating and quality after Sager, and MSI is a close 3rd in my opinion.
  12. I like Asus as well, but really would like to play BF3 with max settings, and BTW, there's a next Lara Croft coming out the next year. Really want it! It'll be the best game in the series, just watch a couple of videos.
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