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I´m quite pleased with my current system, 2GHz Barton with 1GB memory and a Radeon 9600PRO. My father is getting a new laptop, and would like to give me his old one. I don´t want two systems, but I don´t really know which one of them, is best suited for my needs.

The laptop:

2.66GHz Mobile Pentium 4 (533MHz)
512MB PC2700 Samsung RAM
64MB Geforce FX5200 GO
60GB Hitachi HDD
Hitachi DVD/CD-RW
15" SVGA+

I use my computer for gaming and surfing, mostly RTS and FPS games, like Rise of Nations and Battlefield...

The laptop is free, and it would be great to have the freedom of a laptop, but is it powerful enough to play the games I like? I´m worried about that FX5200 GO...

If it won´t do the job, I´ll advice him to sell it, and give me half the money for my consulting services!!! :o)

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  1. son, what the hell is your problem?
  2. games that get 100fps on your desktop, will probably get like , 40 on that laptop. of course im guessing, but thats roughly what you would see

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  3. I know getting a laptop for free is a great deal, but I really don´t want to use two system. I like having one personal computer, that can do all the things I want. If the laptop isn´t good enough for current games, I´d rather get a few bucks to spend on something else, that´s all.


    I´m not really into fps ratings, would 40 fps be enough to enjoy the gameplay or would it suck?

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  4. I have a laptop with a 2.66P6 - 533, 512 DDr, R900Pro and it suxs in every new game... If I were you I'd stay with the current one. But having a laptop is great... The possibility of cs-gaming, surfing etc in every place is great! :P

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  5. Your desktop is much better for gaming.

    FX5200 Go is not fast enough for current games

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  6. I'm the opposite. I don't install any games on my main computer and have a seperate gaming system. I don't see using two systems as a big issue as you can network them to share files and printers. But as far as selling one for the money, that makes sense for sure.

    Seems by getting rid of your box, you'll sacrifice gaming bigtime. IMO, with the newer games being even more demanding, that isn't the direction to go.

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  7. your obviously not highly into computers. Any Comp Nerd would LOVE 2 pc's especially if one is a laptop.. WAP in your house and internet everywhere........ even when your taking a sh!t... not bad eh?

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  8. Yup agreed, PC's seem to be growing in my house. :tongue:

    ABIT IS7, P4 2.6C, 512MB Corsair TwinX PC3200LL, Radeon 9800 Pro, Santa Cruz, TruePower 430watt
  9. Quote:
    WAP in your house and internet everywhere........ even when your taking a sh!t

    That's exactly what I'm doing right now!

    I think you'd be stupid not enjoy both computers. I have a desktop (Gaming and entertainment) and a Notebook (School work and lite gaming) and it's great to network them and play LAN games when my bro is home from college or if I have buddies over.
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