What is the difference between these Lenovo's?

Whats the difference between the laptops (Lenovo® Idea Pad Z570 (1024-DBU) and Lenovo® G570 (4334-9MU)?

They have the same specs so why is one $479.99 and one $399.99?
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  2. Look at the specs, they are not the same. CPU and memory (at least) are different.
  3. Links to those models would help.
  4. Well there is an i5 and i3 version. I am looking at the i3 here

    Lenovo Z570

    Lenovo G570

    Would use a tech site, but these were the sites I saw the price.
  5. Still a little confused. Is it just that the Z570 is the newest model of the line?
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  7. In all honesty... I have no idea which is better because both lists similar specs. I assume both have hard drives which are 5400RPM. Maybe the G570 uses a lower quality LCD screen, but the only way to know is to view them side by side.
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    G570 use more low end plastic in the case and is the 'budget line' in features.
    Z570 is a mid-range home entertainment model with upgraded speakers and a better case.
    Be sure to check other features like what version of Bluetooth, etc, each has.
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