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Hi, i begin saying that i'm italian, and if the first time that i post in "tom's hardware"'s forum but i love your rewievs so i apologize for errors that might be and if i forgot some information ask me; i'm using the UK one 'cause is more popular than the italian one :ange:
I'm at university so i can't have a tower pc but i'm searching for a good notebook 'cause the geeforce 8400 that was on my vaio is gone -.- ... oh, i LOVE play games, with notebook too :bounce:
surfing on web i've found that good offer: HP Pavilion dv6-6C80el at 759€=946$ nearly.
now i ask to you about:
1. knowns problems about this model (i've heard that video drivers are not so good to find and original catalist doesn't works and i don't know if all run with linux)
2. if you suggest something better at same or lower price; the only things that i need are good CPU and video card

Tnx all :hello:
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  1. Edit: i've written this topic twice 'cause forum was saying that it was offline.. could someone delete this? sorry
  2. until someone delete this post, if u want to help me, post on this one
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