Acer aspire 7720g screen problems

part of my laptop screen is bad,how do i restore it
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  1. What do you mean by "bad"? Can you post pictures?
  2. the middle of the screen is blank
  3. Is it blank even when it shows the startup screen, or the BIOS settings?

    I'm trying to establish whether it can be a software problem. Because if it's a hardware problem, then it's much less I can help. Well... if it's a hardware problem, and you are trying to fix it yourself, then you'll have to find a way to know if the screen is faulty, or maybe the cables, or maybe the graphics chip.
    If it's the screen (I think this is the most likely) or cable, then that's fairly easy to fix with a spare part. There are tons of disassembly videos on youtube, maybe you'll find one that shows the way.
    If it's the chip, then you're sc... unlucky.

    I assume it's out of warranty. Because if it isn't then there's no reason for you to find out the problem, let Acer technicians do it for you.
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