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I've RMA my 9800 Pro-128 and today I was told by the store that they will be not receiving 9800 pro for a while.. For compensation they offered to excange it for a 5900Ultra. Will I be loosing lots of performance? Is it going to handle future games like the 9800 Pro? I could wait for the 9800 Pro but it will lots of time. What should I do? I can't afford to pay the diference and get the 9800XT as I would like to do. Is really the FX5900 Ultra horrible?

Thanks in advance

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  1. You will lose a little quality and stability by going to the 5900 ultra. Not to mention the 5900 ultra is NOISY!!!!

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  2. I personally wouldn't acccept it. Noticably worse antialiassing quality would top the list of reasons not to take it.

    Weaker shaders is reason #2.

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  3. Leave it alone and stick to the 9800 pro...

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  4. Wait for R9800 Pro replacement

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  5. The FX5900U is not the equivalent product of the R9800P.

    I would remind them of that and suggest that they do right by you and replace it with an R9800XT. The cost difference to them (from the original R9800Pro) is likely next to zero (if not exactly $0). Sounds more like they want to pawn off other parts of their current stock to you because they didn't move it.

    If you have to wait for an R9800Pro it may be worth it, but how long is the wait? I would think they would have to provide you with something satisfactory within a reasonable time, and I wouldn't recommend the FX5900U unless it's your only option.

    The FX5900U isn't bad, just not as good as the R9800Pro In my (and many others') opinion. Also it's not really much louder or less stable than the R9800Pro, the noise difference is slight, and both cards have their stability/compatability issues.

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  6. The wait is probibly some months... The price gap here in Portugal between the Pro and the XT is something like 200US so its dificult to get them to give me the XT.

    The thing is: the fan of my old 9800 Pro died. Is it possible to replace it and to use the card at will? I could buy a decent cooler for it. That I can afford! But is it safe?

    P4-2800->FSB800, Asus P4P800, 512DDR-400, Radeon 9800 Pro - 128Mb
  7. It's relatively safe (there's enough step by step literature out there detailing replacing/upgrading the HSF on an R9800 series card), but it does immediately void your warranty. I say it fairly safe, however anything that does happen is then all on your head.

    If you KNOW that it's only the HSF and are adventurous then you could try to fix it yourself. But otherwise take the safe route. The only problem is that will definitely be getting a lesser part in replacement with the FX5900U. Have them make it up to you with some bonus at least. That would be my suggestion if you can't wait and they won't budge on the XT.

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  8. I'm rather new here, but I can tell you FX 5900 could be a good choice... It depends on the manufacturer from wich you buy the card... Check this link http://www.anandtech.com/video/showdoc.html?i=1955, it might help... Notice that there is a big difference between "reference NVidia" and other such as MSI... Some vendors are not clocking their cards the same way... Anyway, I bought MSI FX5900 and it is fast, extremely stable (can play with it four hours) and very silent.
  9. But the point is that they owe him a R9800 pro and no FX5900 Ultra will equal what they owe him. Maybe MSI or someones retail box game bundle could make someone more satisfied in this trade. But not me. I also think if they want to give him a FX5900U, they better sweeten the deal somehow as the two cards are not equal. If I were him, I would press the issue until very satified with the exhange. If they just won't budge, I'd personally offer maybe $75 to get the R9800XT or a few bucks for an AIW9800Pro, before I'd trade a R9800Pro for a 5900U flat out. If they insist on NVidia, say 5950U not 5900U.

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  10. Wait for the 9800Pro.
  11. I can't say you guys are wrong... I've seen what my friend's Sapphire 9800 can do in terms of image quality and I must say, his card is beter than mine. On the other hand, mine seems to be more stable... And it doesn't experience dramatic "speed" loss when AA and AF are enabled like other NVidia based cards. If you have enought money, check for the MSI 5950, it is a bit cheaper than the 9800XT (in Canada) but if you can't afford the price, stick with your 9800...
  12. Finally I've got an answer!!! The shop allready ordered a 9800Pro from Holland to replace mine. It will arrive in 8 days! No need to go for tha 5900U thank god! Didn't liked the idea of a boeing ruuning in my room lol

    P4-2800->FSB800, Asus P4P800, 512DDR-400, Radeon 9800 Pro - 128Mb
  13. Good end for this story :wink:

    Still looking for a <b>good online retailer</b> in Spain :frown:
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