Help spilled juice on laptop keyboard need insight

Okay so a while ago I spilled apple juice all over my asus laptop keyboard. it fried. i tried drying it out and everything but nothing worked

all the other components work fine. If I sell it Ill get maybe $100. But I want to keep it. Is there anything I can do?

Every time It boots, once it passed POST, it immediately goes into the BIOS flash utility. none of the keys on the keyboard work so its hopeless. At least it says it still has a bios, or did that fry too?

insight is appreciated, as well as any way I could fix this, replace the keyboard or what not, so I can have a working computer again. thanks!
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  1. Hi :)

    You could disconnect the keyboard cable to see if it still happens....but I think its dead :(

    All the best Brett :)
  2. is that anywhere in here?

    thanks for your reply i appreciate it!
  3. if the mb is still alive after the apple shower you should be able to put a desktop keyboard into the usb ports and the laptop should be able to run with that keybord if the mb not damaged. i would pull the battery and power and take off the keyboard and check to see if any juice got under the keyboard. most time people think there laptop or phone still dry when it not and they zap it worse then losing a keyboard. also you can replace most keyboard on laptop real cheap...they do wear out and people make keyboards for most. most laptop there a few scew holding the laptop in and sometime a plastic cover.
  4. if its not the mobo and its solely the keyboard, you may try buying a replacement keyboard. replacing a laptop keyboard is moderately easy. if not, your kinda stuck with a usb keyboard(my stepbrother had to do that after a soup spill)
  5. awesome, will do thanks for the replies guys! ill try a USB keyboard first
  6. turns out just keyboard fried. i ordered a replacement. unplugged keyboard, plugged in USB, and it worked great. thanks guys
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