Is this hp pavillion laptop futureproof?

Is it futureproof/ what game can play max settings.

HP Pavilion dv6-6168TX

i7 2670QM
8 GB RAM 10600
ATI Radeon HD 6770M 2GB
15.6" 1080p

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  1. Nothing is futureproof, that word doesnt even make sense. Drop it from your vocabulary.

    If you want to know what games this will run and at what resolutions/settings, check here:
  2. Definitely not future proof.
    Gaming on Ultra settings? Maybe some 2005-2010 games, depending on the game title.
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    HP..... The company is itself not future proof, I wouldn't expect it's products to be that either.
    Laptops as such, are not future proof because of a lot of limiting factors.
    You can say it'll last you for a year at the most, and at the rate at which technology is advancing and games changing, a laptop would at the most work for a year , year and a half. After that, it'd be time to go shopping again.
  4. thanks for good info.
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