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Slipstreaming drivers for win8

so.... I encountered a few issues installing win8 on my netbook...
I downloaded win8 32 and 64bit, burned each onto DVDs, and then realized "crap! I forgot my external SATA to USB adapter at work!"
Figured out how to make a bootable flash drive, got everything ready and then my 16GB USB3 flash drive died on me as I plugged it in. Signed up for RMA (2nd rma this year corsair!!!), and then found annother unmarked microcenter flash drive... 2GB. Finally, happen to run across a 8GB flash drive! And it works! and I made my bootable flash media to do my win8 install with

Plug it into the netbook, change settings in BIOS to boot from it, and in an amazing change of luck it booted the installer from the flash drive with no issues! woot! A few steps into the install though and the installer cannot find my HDD!

Looked in BIOS and it sees the drive, during POST it sees the drive, there is nothing on the drive because I wiped it clean from a previous win8 install (from DVD) in order to put win7 back on it (only to find I accidently deleted my restore partition, and I have yet to order restore discs from Acer).
Looked online for a solution and a few sites say that this is a common issue with Acer laptops because of the way the bios works, and to set the controller to IDE and all should be dandy.... which was not the case.

So, now I am wondering if I could slipstream an ACER sata driver (how different could it be from the standard windows driver?) in order to see the drive? After looking a little I have yet to find a walkthrough on how to do this for win7/8, and while I know it can be done, I have never had to do this myself.

Any help would be appreciated,
Thanks for your time.

I suppose if all else fails I will get my SATA to USB adapter back from work and install via DVD like I have done with previous installs, but I would like to do this tonight while I have time.
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  1. You can try making a partition on the hard drive that holds the driver. I don't know if Win 8 has software to do what you want yet, so this might be a viable solution.

    EDIT: You could try doing this with a Linux live disk that is copied onto your flash drive and then replaced with the Windows 8 installation media.
  2. I just downloaded the drivers that acer's website has and put them on the other flash drive.
    Win8 setup said the driver was not compatible, but I forced it to load anyways, and it still did not see the HDD.
    This is 32bit win8, and I downloaded the 32bit driver (all that was available)
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    Okay, I'll see if I can think of another solution. However, there might be nothing that you can do this way.
  4. thanks for the help! It was a good idea, and it SHOULD have worked. I guess this is one of the many reasons why I need to stop leaving tech toys at the office...
  5. I'm going to format the flash drive and start over.... maybe something copied wrong in the process
  6. Success! (I think)

    I have been wanting to crack into this netbook for a while now to upgrade the HDD and memory (Acers are a pain in the butt to open properly), so I went ahead and opened it up, removed the HDD and put it in my rig; Cleaned the drive with diskpart, put it back in the netbook and now everything seems to be running smoothly with the win8 install.

    I guess when I last formatted the drive something was not done right which was preventing win8 to recognize the drive.

    So now I get to finally play tonight, and I am leaving it parally opened so that I can go laptop drive (or SSD :D) hunting soon and see if I can get any 'performance' out of the little thing (or at least better battery life or more space).

    Thanks for the help alpha!
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  8. Congrats on getting it working.
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