GeForce FX5500 reviewed @ Guru3D

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If the price is noticably lower than R9600 (non-Pro), then it may be a good buy.

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  1. Well the R9600 edges it out in almost every benchmark, so it would have to be significantly lower. An R9600SE would be a different story though. However I wouldn't recommend the FX5500 as a direct competitor for the regular R9600.

    But it does seem to be a good step up from and FX5200. I'd just like to see some serious benchies against an R9600SE, and an FX5200Ultra where it will have to show it's strengths. The addition of the High end card there seemed pretty pointless, why post R9800 and FX5900 scores, even the R9600XT and FX5900XT scores seemed out of place.

    Should be an ok part though if the market is to goal is to replace the FX5200, which is woefully underpowered. I'd love to see it against an RV370 it's category competitor (not price based), but likely that is a few more months off, by which time there may be a replacement for the FX5500 (FX 5550 or 5555?).

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  2. yea he said it was supposed to be like an overclocked 5200 (which is the ultra) so why the hell didnt he include that? sheesh i hate reviews that compare irrelivant information

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  3. About what was expected I guess. I was a bit suprised at the consistent mentioning of it's mind boggling low price, only to see it was 110-120 EUR. He acted like that was so low. Isn't that $135-$145 US?

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  4. Replacement for FX5500 PCI4300. Enough with the stinken numbers nVidia.
  5. Low end card with high end part your money and spend a little more to get a better card..


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