Usb device not recognised - built in webcam - toshiba sattellite

I have a toshiba sattelite laptop the special edition one. with vista 64 bit.
Well I got a new webcam and installed it but it didnt work.
after I installed it the built in webcam stopped working.
I then did a clean install and wiped the harddrive.
When the computer was brand new, this little annoyying pop up would come up in the corner that said:
usb device not recogized.
ok, now If I move the laptop screen up or down the popup will come up.
I usually just ignore the pop up, but sometimes its annoying.
The built in webcam is also a little fishy now as sometimes it works and sometimes it doesnt work.
I think when I installed that exterior webcam it messed up the registry somehow and it is not repairing itself even if I wipe the harddrive.
any help?
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  1. When you installed the new webcam did you install the drivers? when you did a reformat did you install the integrated webcam drivers?
  2. yes I installed the drivers. The new webcam screwed something up with the registry.
    So I gave up on it.
    It is the built in webcam that is now creating problems.
    When I did the reformat, I did not install new drivers as the out of box disc is all that came with the laptop.
  3. Have you checked the disc? most times manufacturers include all the drivers you need on it. if not check the toshiba website they will have them.

    And a drive reformat will get everything, including registry. So its most likely all you need to do is either: install the drivers for the new webcam and use that or use the built in one and install the drivers.

    either way, the solution is to install drivers.
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