CRC Errors Abound when installing large CAB files

I just bought new computer equipment and installed it and lo and behold, after installing Win XP Pro any time I tried installing a large file (like a game: Unreal II, UT2003, GTA) Multiple CRC Errors will pop up. I have tried installing another cd drive to install off of, I have tried re-installing windows, I have tried copying the disk to the hdd then installing, and I know the media is good because it installed flawlessly on my old computer, and ran flawlessly. Below are the specs, any help or ideas would be appreciated -- Specs: P4 3.0Ghz, Asus p4c800, radeon 9800 pro, 2 x Maxtor 80GB SATA Hdd, Plextor 504a DVD+R/DVD/CD-RW/CD Drive, 1 GB Kingston DDR 400 RAM
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  1. I have had this problem before. the first time it was the Motherboard, second it was the ram. You may even check for a bios update. Also make sure your cpu isnt over clocked and if you can unclock it and see if that works. If it does send back your parts and get new ones.

    Supporting AMD with your breakable stuff.
  2. I had a faulty Asus motherboard causing CRC errors not too long ago. You could also try a different set of cables.
  3. hello,
    i wanted to say that everyone on the net is having the CRC error in installing games and i wanted to say that in fact it's related to decompression software as WINZIP and others, so i wanted to mail all decompression software so they can be aware of the problem.
    Infact , all the softwares makes automatic association of .CAB files and i don't know why in these last years , the instalation wizard can't read the .CAB files when it's associated to decompression software.That's all, and the solution for me was to just remove the association and let windows make back the original icon for .CAb files.
  4. If you've re-installed Windows (cleanly, new partition and format) and still have CRC errors when attempting to install the games, it's hardware. Since you can copy the contents of the CDs to you HD, it does not sound like damaged CDs.

    RAM is the most likely culprit. If possible, you can obtain a nice little program called Memtest 86+ here: and create yourself a bootable CD or Floppy to check the RAM. It takes 30min. to a couple of hours to run the check, but it almost always identifies bad RAM.

    If RAM isn't the problem, make sure that you are using the latest good version of WinRAR (3.80) to open or unpack the .CAB files.

    If your RAM is good and you are using WinRAR 3.80 and still having problems, run a thorough check of you HDs. Microsoft's built-in CheckDisk program generally does a good job. If you can use Spinrite 6.0 from Gibson Research (available here: to find and repair most issues with your HDs as well, although it is not free. It's worth it though, it's saved me $1000s in time and lost data.

    Hope this helps!
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