I finally got tired of my old video card(Geforce3 Ti200) and decided to make the jump up. I decided on a GF5700FX Ultra. Get everything installed, new drivers, no irq conflicts. Jump in game and its performing worse!! I called the tech support at evga and they didnt help me one bit. If any of you have suggestions please let me hear them!
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  1. Got v-sync on? Also what driver build are you useing? As well make sure AA and AF aren't on respectively. Also did you correctly unistall the older drivers with such software as <A HREF="" target="_new">Driver Cleaner</A>?

    Bit more information would speed up the process and get you back to gameing.


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  2. I'm using evga's 56.56 drivers. As for the other things im not very tech saavy so i'm unsure, but i'll make sure AA and AF are turned off.
  3. Ok AF and AA were app controlled, but off now. V-Sync is on. I'll see if there is any difference
  4. If it's a Directx game I have found v-sync is quite bothersome. But the only OpenGL apps I run with v-sync on are Counter Strike,Quake3 and 3DMax.


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  5. Oh 56.56's eh, I don't really find them working well. I had a Quake 3 stencil shadow issue and a UT2004 issue with them.

    As well I was testing them with UT2003, ET, RTCW, Unreal 2, Never Winter Nights, WarCraft3 and my leaked copy of WoW. They appeared to be about 1%-7% worse, brought back the stutter feel in DX9 apps, and AF didn’t seem to be working quite right and AA seemed to take 10%-17% more performance from my gaming when running the 56.56's compared to the 56.55's.

    My personal thoughts would be to run those older drivers as well they are WHQL so that’s always a bonus. Can get them <A HREF="" target="_new">here</A>. Oh ya your probably wondering why I didn’t link you to say evga, rule of thumb I have used try not to use the maker of the cards drivers such as Asus or MSI they always add crapware to it. Unless they have something you are in dire need of I would simply stick with the drivers the GPU manufacture supplies, ATI or NVIDIA.

    Oh and also try and uninstall those other drivers with the Driver cleaner software I linked you to. Be sure to read the read me has some useful tips for you.


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