Best operating system for netbook?

hey everyone.. i have a netbook, i guess i could say the make and model is a lenovo S10, but doesnt really matter, theyre all pretty much the same...

anyway, i have windows 7 and it now and i do not like it.. windows 7 is fine on my desktop, but even its best efforts on a netbook are nowhere near what they were wheni ran windows XP or linux...

so the operating systems im looking into are linux, still have decided on a distro, and android for x86

question is with android for x86, what kind of app support is there, if any? is it anywhere near as good as android for phones?...

and for linux, what would be the best netbook distro? i may soon convert this into a tablet, so it would be nice to have a simple distro that functioned similar to a touchscreen tablet.. so i guess an android/ipad like linux distro is what i would like to try out.. and theres always ubuntu or arch if that didnt turn out right.. perhaps an alternative desktop manager and package manager for ubuntu or arch to give me the functionality im looking for?

anyway, thanks in advance for the advice
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  1. My brother is dedicated Linux user and uses Arch, but I would recommend Mint because it's much more user friendly and similar to Windows.
  2. ive used ubuntu and arch pretty extensively so far.. prefer arch to be honest, but ubuntu does offer the better support.. but these are better on desktops.. i could try the netbook version of ubuntu.. im not sure i like the idea of jolicloud keeping all my data online.... so, ubuntu netbook edition, moblin, or android
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