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I got my new Dell with Windows 7 Ultimate and transfered my old xp stuff to the new one with Window Easy Transfer.
I then realized that it all was transfered to my Administration Account & not the standard user account I had set up.
So i went in and coverted the standard user to the administrator account & renamed them both.
I now have all my stuff in a standard user account and dont have to use the admin account everyday.

My question is.
I there any reason not to switch like this?
I only ask because in Control Panel / User Accounts for my standard user account ( which was the original the Admin.Account )
still has a sub-heading of administrator. I dont know how to remove it or if I can. I am woundering if there is some type of
preconfigured items that need to remain with the old adim.account or if I should just put it all back the way it was?

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    Hi dhofman,

    No worries! The set up you have now should work just fine. It is actually better to work from a standard account over an adminstrator account so you don't accidentally delete something vital that you don't want to delete. :)

    Microsoft Windows Outreach
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  3. I am unable to add a new user account so I can change my account to standard. Why do we need user accounts when I am the only one who uses the computer
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