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Does anyone knows of some company that delivers US products in Europe? The thing is..I live in Portugal and the prices are VERY high considering the US prices. So If I could buy there and bring the card here it would be great. A 9800 Pro costs in the best of cenarios 450US$...

If someone knows something safe for bringing cards to Europe... THANKS!

P4-2800->FSB800, Asus P4P800, 512DDR-400, Radeon 9800 Pro - 128Mb
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  1. Try to see if they ship overseas. Also try Both have good prices and perfect service here in the USA.
  2. newegg for my desperation as only us shipping...
    I could try amazon but I think the good prices are not there. If I could finda site like newegg with oversea shiping it would be great..
    But I can't find it anywhere.

    P4-2800->FSB800, Asus P4P800, 512DDR-400, Radeon 9800 Pro - 128Mb
  3. Amazon may be about 3-5% more expensive on average but I am pretty sure they ship overseas. If in your country you pay double the price, then 3-5% price increase on Amazon should not be a factor. Shipping may add some too, but, hey, do the math: if you pay $900 there for a $450 card, you can get it, at worst, for $550 from Amazon shipped to your door. You still save $350. I think it is a good deal and Amazon is rock-solid reliable.
  4. Hi lik,

    I am from Spain, so same problem. After looking at a lot of sites, my conclusion is that's imposible. This company does not exist. Some send to Europe, but cost almost the same that buy it here plus the risk of somthing going wrong is not worth.

    Solution? Well, not the best in the world, but when a friend of mine goes to USA, I ask for some hardware for me and for selling :lol: , so that way I offset part of the cost. In fact right now I have an unopened 9800Pro and a mobile Barton ready to sell at eBay!

    Try to do the same, is the best solution at least for me.

    Still looking for a <b>good online retailer</b> in Spain :frown:
  5. Hi. Thats right. Its hard for us to upgrade.... Its all very expencive...

    P4-2800->FSB800, Asus P4P800, 512DDR-400, Radeon 9800 Pro - 128Mb
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