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Ok , i am using sony vaio VPCEB34EN which is avail only in india(as opposed toVPCEB34##) which are E-series laptop. I have ati 5450HD.aBut when i bought it, it promised 2 hour battery life(and i was like atleast i get to game something),; Turns out it offers 1:15 in balanced.(in high performance it is like 30 mins)
Also it is now 35 mins for 70% in balanced and the battery suck. Should i change my battery or is it all?
And isn't 5450 equivalent to intel 3000 series???
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    Yeah battery life is more or less a scam, its mostly for people who just browse the web casually, and any type of load on the components and the battery life completely tanks
  2. in general laptop battery estimates are a best case. don't expect to game on battery. for 2 hours you need it in low power mode with the brightness turned down and wifi off
  3. So how long do you have it? If you're still in the warranty period, you might have chances to have it exchanged.
  4. yeah, must go for intel 3000 hd graphics hereafter for lappie; Not amd(atari). Battery hogs!
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