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The expectations are so high that I think when the cards are out it will be a disapointment... Every one of us are expecting a "super" card with the power to unleash the most fantastic graphics. But what I'm thinking is:

The 9800 Xt can allready deliver the most advanced visual experience at high framerates. So what will be the diference? instead of 60 Fps in DX9 games having 100? Or will we see more than that kind of performance increase?

Why lanching a next set of cards if the High end cards of the moment handle perfectly everything?
Or my 9800Pro will be slow in the next games? Will the new games require more than a actual high-end card for smooth play?

Just a thought and I apolegize if I said anything stupid! I'm just a noob looking for knowledge!

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  1. Personally, I'm more interested in seeing how fast the next gen shaders work to process all that lovely DX9 goodness.

    Plus, both camps will likely implement a new AA algorithm with less of a performance it. Probably a new AF algorithm, too. Should be interesting at least.

    But yeah, I'm not expecting 200% increases in framerates. Although a 20% jump in framerates in Doom3 or something would be notable, because that game and others tax the new video cards so much. if they can deliver 4xAA at 1024*768 in D3 and still give over 60fps, that'd be cool.

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