Lenovo Y580 vs Asus N56VZ vs ?

I am looking for a laptop with the new ivy bridge processors and so far these two have caught my eye. I use the laptop for work but some gaming as well so I like a good GPU card and a nice resolution. Also 15.6" is what i find to be the optimal screen size.

Lenovo Y580, Intel Core i5 3210M 2.50GHz, 4GB, 32GB SSD + 750GB, 15.6 1920x1080, nVidia GF GTX 660M 2GB

ASUS N56VZ 15.6 LED Backlight (1920x1080) TFT, Core i7 Mobile 3610QM, DDR3 8GB, GeForce GT 650M 2GB, 750GB

So obviously the asus beats the lenovo in CPU and RAM but the lenovo beats the asus GPU, has a 32gb ssd and the RAM can always be upgraded.

Lets say they are both on for the same price for the purpose of this discussion.

Does anyone have insight on the two screens and how they compare? Another point for concern is that the asus heats up while gaming at the area where the left hand is held (or so I read). Does the lenovo have similar issues?

Finally I am also open for other suggestions along these lines (3rd gen cpu, good gpu, 15.6" scr with at least 1600x900 res).
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  1. That would be nice but I am not from the US unfortunately :)

    Anyway I was more interested in experiences from users who own one of these or had the opportunity to use them.
  2. Where are you in and what is your budget? I assume you need a laptop to play games?

    Fill in these question:
  3. That is not really relevant to my question I was asking for a comparison between these two laptops on issues that can't be found on specs (screen quality, heating issues, keyboard quality, battery life for browsing/watching videos etc.) or other good alternatives that are equivalent to these two laptops like the Samsung n700z5c (which I didn't include in my post because i read it had an abysmal screen on multiple sites) or other similar laptops that I maybe missed. The budget is around 1200$-1300$ as that is what such laptops usually go for.
  4. Difference country sell laptop at different price (can be 20-30% difference) due to difference in market demand, logistic and government taxes. So it is crucial to know where you are. Also, knowing exactly what you want will help people to find an alternative laptop that fits your need better (remember, we can't read your mind).

    As far as I know Lenovo and ASUS are on top in terms of build quality and don't usually have overheating problem. Don't expect too much on battery, the GPU will eat them up quick if you use it. That goes for all laptop with dedicated GPU.
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