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I mentioned in a previous post that I was looking to buy a new graphics card but was advised to wait due to the fact that new cards will be hitting the market soon. When exactly do you all think these cards will be coming out and where could I get information on them? Thanks for any responses.
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  1. The best way to inform yourself is to look around different sites.
    Just do a google search on NV40 and on R420 these are the code name of the upcoming video card from nVidia and ATI...
  2. Expect them around the End of April/May for the R420 and the end of May/June for the NV 40. That's the current thinking.

    A google search in this case would give you every predicted release date including last fall/winter, which are obviously incorrect.

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  3. I need to upgrade on a budget... any idea how soon a card as good or better than the 5700 non-ultra will be priced around $100? BTW, it has to be Nvidia... Linux y'know, otherwise, 9600 Pro in a heartbeat... hehe...
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