Recommendations for non-gaming laptop - $600-$800 range

Hello community.

I'm searching for a non-gaming laptop. I have a few requirements: 15.6" monitor, 1080p display, and not sluggish when I'm browsing (i.e. like a PC at a public school).

Besides these three, I'm not picky about the other features.
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  1. Unless I missed a key detail, both laptops you've listed are 1366 x 768 in resolution.
  2. It's a bit above your price range, but a 1920x1080 resolution screen is considered a "premium item". SONY VAIO SE Series VPCSE23FX/S $830.

    They are usually found on $1,000+ laptops, but I suppose there has been some price reductions to move "last year's models" since new laptops are coming out with Intel's recently released Ivy Bridge CPU series.
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