Super graphics cards!!!

This is possibly out of date and most of you might know about it already, but anyways.

One of my mates works at Qinetiq (I think this is how you spell it) here in UK and he told me about a couple graphics cards they use there. Those two cards have 16 processors, with 1Gb of RAM allocated for each and each processor can communicate with each RAM block and all the processors and memory blocks can freely comunicate with each other. He didn't tell anymore details about the specs, but the cards are called Infinate Reality I think. Those cards were released, or at least bought by the company, around three years ago and are used with the projects on 3d holograms, he works on them. Some pretty cool stuff they have there.

Now THIS is a card that I would like in my machine, but is highly unlikely due to the cost of them and the fact that only 50 of those beauties were made all together.

I tried to search the net a bit for more details on them but couldn't find anything, oh well never mind. So does any of you care to guess what price they come with? Unless you already know about them.

Keep in mind they were released around 3 years ago too. I post the price his company paid for them later.
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  1. Well likely <A HREF="" target="_new">THIS</A> card made from 4 R9700 chips w/ 256mb of memory each (1GB total), would likely fly around those cards.

    And the one pictured costs $16,000US new IIRC.

    These solutions are custom built to address specific issues, like designing cards, and other modeling porgrams. Often it's still more effective to do it on system resources of a server farm, as the cards aren't fast enough.

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  2. did a little google

    is this it?

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  3. Well, I'm affraid you're quite off the price here. This card has 16Gb in total and cost £170,000 three years ago. It better be good though for that kind of money.
  4. Yea cools, I think you found it. WIll read a bit more about it myself as well.
  5. I wasn't quoting YOUR price, I was quoting MINE.

    None the less, compared to a server farm for rendering, it's a Bar-gooon!

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  6. omg the simFUSION 6000q (4x r300) get 2400 3dmark03 point...................................................................................................................................WITH 24X ANTI ALIASING OMG

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