9600XT and Far Cry

I've recently put together the following rig:
P4 2.6 (HT and 800FSB)
Intel D865PERL mobo
512MB DDR400 Corsair RAM (2 x 256 in dual channel mode)
Asus 9600XT AGP
running WinXP Pro SP1A and DirectX9
I installed a demo of Far Cry and I was dissappointed to see the autodetect set everything to Medium with no antialiasing - and even at this setting the game's a bit choppy - increasing any of the effects creates further peformance issues.
Given the setup, is this correct? And if so how would you advise I go about upgrading, i.e. processor/more RAM/new AGP card.. etc.
On another note I've uninstalled the Asus Smart Doctor software as I continuously received messages that the VGA card fan was malfunctioning (which it wasn't!) Anyone else had this?
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  1. I have no problems playing demo with TI4200.
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