workstation video cards and games?

hey everyone.

i have a quadro fx 1000 video card becasue i am a 3d artist and i work from home at times..

but i also like to play games?

are there any issues with playing games on workstation cards? games like battlefield veitnam.

i mean the quadro fx 1000 is obviously strong enuff to play a game i would think. but i want to know if there are issues?

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  1. In some cases there are driver related issues but on the whole professional cards play games quite well.

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  2. yeah i just called nvidia and asked them they said it would play games fine, reason i ask is becasue i recently built a new computer here are the system specs

    antec 1080 soho file server case
    antec true 430 watt PS
    P4 3.0ghz 800 buss w/hyperthreading
    msi 865PE neo2 pls motherboard
    nvidia quadro fx 1000
    1 gig of ram (2 sticks of 512 333 buss)
    160 gig maxtor HD
    4 antec fans
    dual LCD flat panel samsung 17inch monitors

    i ask is becasue during game play at one point my system just restarted without any warning. i have been going thru trying to figure out whats wrong . i have all the latest drivers and everything but it might be somthing in my bios i have to adjust im not sure.
  3. uhmm.. Are you sure youre memory is DDR333?? If so then that could be your problem as it is constantly overclocked to DDR400 (P4 shows it as 800 because they quad-pump it).

    Try to lower your CPU's FSB to 166 (333) Mhz to see if it is stable again.

  4. He shouldn't have to underclock his system, doesn't MSI allow you to run the memory and FSB out of synch? If he's a graphic/3d artist then running a slower FSB would kill his performance even more.

    Better to buy DDR400 than to underclock anything IMO.

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