Another possible inverter problem... maybe.

So my friend's HP DV6000 developed the classic no backlight, but still LCD image problem [You can barely see an image if you look at it the right way, or shine a light on it.] Instinct told me "Oh, inverter issue!" so, purchased a cheap [this is probably my mistake, I mean real cheap. 10 dollars, USED from ebay... said it was in working condition]. inverter and replaced the old one.

First thing I did was remove just the screen bezel to replace just the inverter board. Turned the computer back on, and It would work for a minute, but as soon as the computer was jostled in the slightest, the screen would go dark again.

Okay, Possibly a loose cable connection to the LCD or the main board. So I dig a bit deeper, and just for good measure, I replaced the cable that connects the main board, the inverter board, and the LCD. Turned the computer back on, and it works better, I can get all the way to the desktop, and I can jostle the laptop pretty good, and it doesn't shut off. However, after about 30-40 seconds of being working on the login screen and desktop, it blanks out again.

So I'm not sure if it's STILL an inverter issue, and I just made the mistake of buying a crappy broken one, or if there's a dual issue, or something else.

I tried to search the forums to the best of my ability, but couldn't find an issue quite like this one.
Any guidance would be appreciated.
Thanks, guys!
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    Hi :)

    I own a lappy repair company....

    Do this...

    NEW inverter, of EXACTLY the same model as current inverter....

    If not fixed...NEW screen of EXACTLY the same model (same number as white sticker on back of screen)

    All the best Brett :)
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