Weird UT2k4 performance

Hey hey,

I was wondering if anyone who has been playing the full version of UT2K4 has been having any performance issues.

I have a pretty decent machine, 2700+, A7N8X Deluxe, 512mb XMS DDR333 cl2, 9700np, WD80gb 8mb hd, Audigy2. And with this system I'm getting very slow load times on every type of game play.
The Demo ran just fine on my system 1024x768x32 2xaa/af max graphics. Level loaded very fast, there was no lag at all right as the bots/vehicles load. But now with the retail version, it takes forever to load a level, and then a few more mins for the bots and vehicles. I don't think its a graphic issue, as I've turned all settings to low and to highest.. Its almost like my HD is doing some weird caching that the Demo didn't. But then again, maybe it is a video issue. I have all the latest drivers and patches for my hardware/os

Anyway, if anyone has an idea why this is happening, please let me know

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  1. Turn off the precache all playerskins option, that adds about 30 seconds of load time.
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