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I am looking at purchasing an all-in-one desktop. With my current set up, I use a KVM switch that both my current (regular) desktop and my laptop are connected to. I then am able to use my keyboard, monitor and mouse that are with my desktop while working off my laptop. My question is, if I buy an all-in-one, do you think I will still be able to do the sane thing? The keyboard and mouse of course will be wireless and the only things connected to the KVM will be the all-in-one itself and the laptop.

Or possibly there is another suggestion out there for using the monitor, kboard and mouse of my all-in-one while still controlling my laptop? Thanks for any insight. - Todd
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  1. All-in-one desktop is usually just like a PC in most respects.
    (even though they do sometimes have laptop parts inside).

    Does the All-in-one desktop model you're looking at have the some connections as your current PC?
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