Why wont movies play on my acer laptop

some movies play some don't the ones that don't the computer doesn't even realize it in there is shows that it's empty, is it the computer or is it the disk, what do I have to do to fix it
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  1. Hi :)

    Try with VLC...its free software...

    All the best Brett :)
  2. I've got vista :'( laptop is a late 2008, but I've updated software online. I thought it may be the drive as well but I'm a computer noob...
  3. Download VLC Media player:

    Its free, its awesome, and its arguably the best software free or paid for video playback. Ive never ran into any issues with VLC.
  4. If it plays some dvds but not others then its probably the disks. Try cleaning the disks. (also make sure they are DVDs and not HD DVDs or blu rays.) Different play back software shouldn't matter unless you are talking about .avi's and not DVDs.
  5. they are brand new dvd's , straight out of the package, and I've always used windows media player. it'll play some hd movies but I don't buy blu ray... I know better than that
  6. Drive could be going bad I guess. Don't see why it would play some and not all.

    Do any new DVDs work? Perhaps there is some new code on the new disks that the drive can't handle. A firmware update might help if its only new disks that cause issues. Might also be DHCP?
  7. it'll play new dvd's and old dvd's but it also not run new dvd's and old dvd's ... I just can't seem to figure it out maybe I should just say hell with it buy a new puter
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    DVD's come in dual and single layer.

    Check to see if the DVD's that play are all Single layer.

    Some drives at the end of life(or defect) start to have problems seeing the second layer(done with red light[would guess it is an led] that lets it see the other layer, i have seem this "light" just stop working) on dual layer discs and will still play single layer just fine.

    If a disk is under about 4.5 gigs its single layer up to about 8 or so will be dual layer so if ALL working discs are single layer, that may be the issue.
  9. you know I never would of thought of that, I do believe you are correct about that though. just checked out the disk that played against the ones that didn't and you are right they do have that difference
  10. thank you all for your assistance, it is much appreciated
  11. so its time for a new drive then. Rather easy.
  12. If your laptop is used as more of a desktop, a external 5.25(Needs its own power) inch DVD drive will be faster(and in most cases quiet at dvd watching speeds) then another internal drive. Not a good option if you use it for portability however.

    I say this as someone a slim laptop drive in my media center(they tend to be louder The Sony is my quietest(DVD/CD, loud for DATA) so far[laptop drive]. my Lite-on is louder. My LG external 5.25, nice and quiet :) ).
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  14. yeah I'm a truck driver so it's definitely on the go , so it looks like I'll either be buying a portable dvd player or a new laptop
  15. you can try to clean the lens with a q-tip and rubbing alcohol, but normally this failure is not dirt. Never hurts to try i guess.

    cd/dvd/bd lenses are get delicate. so use care when cleaning.

    And laptop drives are not hard to swap out if you want to go that path.
  16. alright cool thank you very much
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